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Media Literacy for all of us

Here at MAX we understand the complex digital culture we inhabit and work to bring this knowledge to each of our lessons and all of our productions.  Just as students need practice becoming producers instead of mere consumers of digital technology, so the public needs to become increasingly aware of what is included in the web videos they wish to create.

Andrea DeGette

Andrea DeGette is a 4th generation Coloradan who has been living in North Carolina since 1993.  The daughter of an architect and actress cum kindergarten teacher, DeGette has embraced art and education from an early age.  Her passion for education reform was inherited from her mother and her photographic vision from her father.  DeGette dreams of the day when education emphasizes media literacy from pencil, paint, clay to all forms of digital media production.  In her estimation only then will today's students (of all ages) will be ready to  challenge the lowest norms which threaten our ability to think for ourselves in this growing culture of consumerism.

Technology and Art

Technology and art are not mutually exclusive.  As we move into the future students must be able to use whatever tools are available for self-expression, narrative exploration and creativity.